A step-by-step system to learn how to master the trading game and trade on your own terms and use it as a good source of income

*The Content of the course is in Arabic

Discover A STEP BY STEP SYSTEM to master the financial market trading on YOUR OWN TERMS through the TRADING GAME MASTERY SYSTEM program®

If you do not know how to master trading or investment in the financial market and how to trade on your own terms, here is a step-by-step system that guides you to do that

What happens if you know that the majority of traders are losing money in financial market trading?

When we listen to this fact about trading, it may make us remember a very painful similar situation for us or for others. Imagine with me the results that happen from this loss and the feelings accompanying it.

But .....

There are CONSISTENT PROFITABLE TRADERS and their profits are rewardable even if they are few, YOU CAN BE ONE OF THEM if you follow the same RIGHT WAY that they are following.

Yes, it's important to know that loss is a part of the game but you have to know also the other part that there is a profit part and you have to know that it is a sum game. So you have to learn how to get profits in this sum game.

Through the TRADING GAME MASTERY SYSTEM®, you will learn how to master trading on your own terms.

Trading Game Mastery System®

A step-by-step system that guides you on how to trade on your own terms through three steps the same as the following:

Sharpen Your Saw

Learn the essential and basic concepts, topics, and rules to know about the trading world, as everything starts from knowledge.

Find Your Potential

After you knew the basics of trading you will learn how to design your suitable winning trading plan. In other words, you will learn how to trade on your own terms.

EEI (Execute, Evaluate, Improve)

At this step, you will learn what guides you to effective execution, results evaluation, and continuous improvement for your trades.

About Trades Analysis

Trades Analysis was founded by Mohamed Hassan. He is a financial market analyst, trader, trainer, coach, and entrepreneur.

He is a member of The Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts (ESTA) and The International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

He is also a CETA holder – from the Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts (ESTA) and a CFTe holder – from the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA) in technical analysis of the financial market.

Trades Analysis serves in the financial market industry as it provides trading consulting and training services and trading software products.

Trades Analysis provides a very special program Trading Game Mastery® which guides the Trader to improve his trading business through a step-by-step system to master this game and others.

Trades Analysis provides also Coaching Services for traders to help them find what will develop their trading business.

Trading Game Mastery System®


- A step-by-step system that will guide you on how to master the trading on your own terms (value $375).

  • Sharpen Your Saw: to learn the basics about financial market trading (what you must know as a trader)

  • Find Your Potential: to learn how to design your suitable and winning trading plan.

  • EEI: to learn how to execute effectively, evaluate your results and improve continuously.

  • Joining a Private Facebook Group for Program Members to share together ideas about trading.

- Bonus 1: Trading plan Template pdf file to fill your trading plan (value $10).

- Bonus 2: Trading Journal Template excel sheet file to record your trades (value $20).

- Bonus 3: Free 30 minutes one-to-one coaching session (value $147).

- 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.


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